Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia

Sea Level Australia is proud to announce our partnership with local registered charity; ‘Cancer Chicks’. Cancer Chicks is an Australian organisation that supports young women navigating cancer and other terminal or chronic illnesses.

Sea Level’s collaboration with Cancer Chicks aims to assist in raising awareness and vital funding to support the incredible work of the Cancer Chicks organisation. The Cancer Chicks philosophy; ‘Together Stronger’, is an outlook that we here are at Sea Level are incredibly passionate about. Terminal illnesses such as cancer, hold a very close space in our hearts. We believe through our partnership with the Cancer Chicks charity, we can assist in supporting, empowering and enhancing the lives of young women facing terminal illnesses.

Throughout the month of October, Sea Level Australia will donate $2 from each order placed on the Sea Level website to the Cancer Chicks foundation. These donations will assist Cancer Chicks in being able to support young women on their cancer journeys through respite retreats, social events, peer-support groups and community initiatives.

If you would like to donate to the Cancer Chicks charity, donations can be made via their website below.

Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia


Provide access to:
•  Community engagement platforms
•  Peer Support Programs
•  Practical Support through our Navigational Carer Program
•  Hospital care packs
•  Respite Retreats
•  Community Events
•  (Re)entry into the workforce program


Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia



Cancer Chicks provide a safe, online, private space for girls to speak openly about their feelings, treatments and challenges. This communication allows even those who live in remote areas to feel connected. They run social and educational events to reduce feelings of isolation. This includes dressing to feel good with ports, catheter and PICC lines, ways to tie a scarf on your head, apply makeup, especially eyebrows which fall out in treatment, and more. They host respite retreats, where these young women are pampered and have the opportunity to form special bonds with fellow chicks. Up to now, there have been 3 in NSW and 1 in Victoria.

Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia
Cancer Chicks x Sea Level Swim Australia